Keris 9   A straight keris bearing the esteemed pamor pancuran mas, dhapur is tilem upih,
classification is Surakarta. Pamor pancuran mas is believed to have the talismanic power of
assisting in bringing good fortune.

The old wrongko is of kayu timoho with pelet mbathok grain, and it is fitted with an old
pendok bunton that has been skilfully embossed with a lung-lungan motif, this pendok is of
the quality and appearance that we normally associate with silver, however, it is not silver, it
is mamas, we often see mamas identified as "native silver", but it is not silver, it is an alloy
like nickel silver or german silver, polished it can easily be mistaken for silver, but it is much
less expensive than true silver.

The jejeran is a superbly crafted janggelan form, it is deeply carved and with piercing, it is as
fine an example of this form as I have seen. An old silver angkup randu mendak is fitted.

This is a really fine keris in exceptionally nice dress, it would enhance any collection.

Blade length   14.6" (372mm)     overall   18.75" (522mm)