Keris 8   This is an old keris from the far eastern region of Java, it is classifiable as
Blambangan and clearly shows the Balinese influences of its origin, Blambangan is only
a very short distance across the Bali Strait from West Bali, and many Balinese live in
this part of Java. The pamor is difficult to name, and in this I have taken advice from a
couple of senior Javanese collectors, who advise me that it should be classified as
pamor pancal, even though it does not follow the usual form of this pamor. Pamor
pancal is an extremely scarce pamor that some people believe will attract other keris to
accompany it.

The wrongko is younger than the blade and is a beautifully carved East Javanese
sandang walikat style in jati gembol (burl teak), fitted with a fine quality, deeply
embossed pendok, its face bearing a lung-lungan motif  and its reverse bearing panels of
flowers and foliage.

The hilt is bebondolan style in kayu pelet and bearing a variation of the bebed kembar
motif. An embossed cup-like mendak/wewer of copper, that seems to be unique to the
Blambangan region is fitted.

This is a very scarce form of keris, and one that I have had for probably 30 or more
years, I have had difficulty in placing its origin, and have only recently been able to
place its origin with reasonable certainty.

Blade length   16.5" (418mm)     overall length   22" (558mm)