Keris 7  A Balinese keris of 11 waves and bearing pamor wos wutah. This is an old  gonjo iras blade,
the gonjo forged as one with the wilah, each sogokan has a complong caused by age, there is a
Kalarau at the gandhik. Kalarau is the demon who swallows the sun and the moon during eclipses, in
this application as a keris motif, the intent is protective against evil entities.

The wrongko is an old batun poh style of kayu pelet bearing the tompel motif, and a  pendok
embossed both front and back with a motif of flowers and vines is fitted. The wrongko appears to be
original to the blade, but it is very old, and the mouth has been inlaid to provide a tight fit for the

The hilt is a beautiful miniature sculpture in black ebony of a raksasa clutching lontar in his left
hand, I am not able to identify with certainty the identity of this figure, but lontar implies religious
writings, so perhaps a demon priest. In Bali, all raksasa or demon figures have a protective function,
as evil forces are frightened by them. An old wewer set with pastes is fitted, one paste is missing.

This is an old keris of a very scarce form and in overall very good condition. It was purchased in Bali
in the early 1970's.

Blade length   13" (330mm)     overall length   20.75" (527mm)