Keris 5   A Javanese keris of 13 waves, dhapur parung sari, the superbly
executed pamor motif can be classified as either lawe pinuntir, or ganggeng
kanyut, depending upon which school is followed, the garap is masterful, with
perfectly sculpted sogokan, a high ridged ada-ada, and textbook greneng. The
classification is Surakarta Mangkubumen.

The wrongko is of kayu kali asem with a subdued striated grain, it is fitted with
silver plated pendok with lis, that is deeply embossed to both faces, the front
bearing an interupted lung-lungan motif, the reverse face having a
simplification of the Garut kerang motif, a repetition of shell-like forms.

The elegant Surakarta yudowinatan jejeran is of kayu tayuman baru and is
fitted with a premium quality selut and mendak set with rose-cut rock crystals

This is an absolutely superb Javanese keris of very high quality, and probably
intended for use in West Java.

Blade length   14.4" (365mm)     20.5" (520mm)