Keris 4   An old Balinese keris of superb classical form, original stain and bearing
pamor wos wutah, sub motif ilining warih (running water), these two motifs in
combination carry a very powerful talismanic content in Balinese belief. Wos wutah
means "scattered rice grains" and holds the talismanic power of ensuring freedom
from hunger, it protects against want, but when combined with ilining warih this
ensures a plentiful rice crop, because rice depends upon water to grow. The garap of
this blade is superb.

The old batun poh wrongko is of kayu pelet bearing the dewandaru motif, the gandar
(penyejer in Bali) bears the pelet motif of mayung.

The hilt (danganan) is the highly prized cecah solas form with the pelet motif of
mbatok. In the time before the puputans the cekah solas hilt was the prerogative of
certain selected warriors. An old wewer bearing the obvious evidence of age is fitted.
The back of the gandar is painted black, indicating that a previous owner had an
affinity with Dewa Wisnu (ie, Vishnu, the Preserver).

This keris came from an old Australian collection that was put together prior to
World War I, it has been a part of my collection since the 1960's. When we think of
the ultimate form of the classical Balinese keris, this style is the one that will be at
the forefront of our minds.

Blade length   19.75" (502mm)     overall length   27" (685mm)