Keris 3   A Javanese keris from Jogjakarta with an abnormally long blade, dhapur is kalamisani
rondha nunut, pamor is wos wutah, classification is Surakarta. The garap is precise and of a very
high standard.

The old Jogjakarta gayaman wrongko is fitted with a heavy, high quality silver pendok, silver
purity would be about 925, that is sterling, or close to it, the embossed motif is semen alas-alasan
showing animals in a stylised garden. The back face of the pendok is embossed with the emblem
of the Jogjakarta kraton. This pendok bears the expected evidence of use.

The old Jogjakarta tunggak semi jejeran is neatly carved and is undamaged, it is fitted with an old
silver parijoto mendak.

Very large keris are unusual in Java, but they do exist, the best known are the ancient keris that
can be classified as Tuban and Blambangan, the more recent large Javanese keris seem to come
from Central Java and probably date from the late colonial period when there was a resurgence of
Javanese national identity.

This keris was acquired in Jogjakarta during the 1970's and has been a part of my personal
collection since that time.

Blade length   18.5" (470mm)     overall length   23.25" (590mm)