Keris 27  An old East Javanese keris with pamor wos wutah and dhapur mundarang.

The wrongko is a scarce East Javanese sandang walikat style, terusan, with the
gandar made in one piece with the atasan and with a blewah pendok. This wrongko is
original to the blade.

The jejeran is an East Javanese kagok style and is fitted with a green kemalo mendak,
it is the hilt that was fitted when I bought this keris.

This keris has an extremely strong perfume when drawn from the wrongko, even
though the blade is dry. I bought it in Malang, East Jawa in the mid-1970's, and have
used my own oil on it since then, however the original perfume still persists

Blade length   10.76" (274mm)     overall length   14.25" (362mm)