Keris 24   This is a keris selit from Palembang. I use the term "keris selit" under advice,
as this would appear to be the correct term for this type of keris in the area of origin,
however, I bought it from the grand daughter of the original owner, and she called it a
"keris patrem". But the lady I bought it from lived in Solo, Central Java, her grandmother
came from Palembang in Sumatera.

The pamor blade is Bugis style and gonjo iras.

The wrongko is recognisably Palembang wulan tumanggal (wulan tumanggal is correct if
Javanese, I do not know the correct name in Palembang), but it seems some collectors in
the Western World refer to it as a "Batman Keris". Seems a bit disrespectful to me.

The hilt is a Palembang style that some people have named as  "Veiled Durga", others
give the name as "Balu Mekabun", still others refer to it as "Topengan", Frankly I do not
know what the correct name for this hilt style is, but it is Palembang, this one is old,
nicely patinated, undamaged and has a silver selut fitted.

This keris is old, has good patina, is all original and is in excellent condition, I bought it
from a neighbour in Solo, Central Jawa during the 1980's, it has been part of my personal
collection since that time.

Blade length   7.75" (196mm)     overall length   13" (330mm)