Keris 23   A Javanese keris with a straight blade and bearing pamor blarak ngirid,
dhapur is Sinom. The very finely layered pamor has been managed with a high
degree of skill, all the ricikan have been carved with skill and precision, and the
ada-ada continues to the point. The talismanic value of pamor blarak ngirid is
believed to be that it enhances power and authority.

The wrongko is a ladrangan form that is found along the North Coast of Java and
through into East Java, it has been expertly carved from tightly grained kayu
gembol jati (burl teak), and a pendok embossed with a foliate motif is fitted.

TheEast Java jejeran is a janggelan form and is superbly sculpted from
hardwood, it is fitted with a gold plated parijoto mendak.

This is a very well made keris in a scarce form of wrongko and with a superbly
carved hilt.

Blade length   14.5" (368mm.)          overall   20" (517mm.)