Keris 22   A Lombok keris with a straight blade bearing pamor wos wutah. This keris
is purely a weapon, it has no pretensions to art, it is a warrior's keris and its purpose is
very obviously as a weapon. The blade has been heat treated to give it a spring temper,
an unusual thing in a keris, if flexed it will come back to true. It is a lively blade , not
the typical front heavy blade that we usually encounter from this location.

The wrongko is the batun poh style, and from a very dark kayu pelet, the gandar has no
pendok, workmanship is competent and basic, as one would expect in a wrongko that
could be lost during conflict.

The hilt is loncengan style wrapped with plaited palm fibre and provides a very secure
grip even if soaked with blood.

I acquired this keris at auction during the 1950's from the estate of a seaman who had
been an island trader during the early years of the 2oth century. The wrongko is
original to the blade, the hilt is the one I bought it with, so that is probably original to
the blade also.

Blade length   18.4" (467mm)     overall length   25.4" (645mm)