Keris 20   A Javanese keris with 7 waves, bearing cleanly crafted pamor wos wutah,
and with a well executed Singo Barong at the gandhik.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is neatly carved from kayu kali asem with a darkly
flecked grain, and is fitted with a pendok embossed with a modang motif.

The Surakarta putri kinurung jejeran is skilfully sculpted from aromatic kayu garu,
and a granulated, gilt, lung wideng mendak is fitted. This style of jejeran is much
favoured by those who esteem elegant dress.  

The singo barong carved as a blade motif has generally protective talismanic power,
similar to the protective function of the guardian lions found at entrances, but it has
the dual iconic role of being associated with warriors.

Blade length   14.75" (375mm)     overall length   20.2" (511mm)