Keris 2   A Javanese keris with a robust straight blade of the Surakarta classification, dhapur is
Panji Nom and pamor is very finely executed wos wutah, the garap (workmanship) is of a very
high quality with all features (ricikan) neatly executed and a strong pawakan is in evidence.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is of kayu timoho with well defined contrasting markings, a
very fine, old, solid silver pendok with a hand engraved  motif of blossoms and vines is fitted;
this pendok is genuine silver of approximately 91% purity and with a weight of  about 95 grms.

The Surakarta yudowinatan hilt (jejeran) has well executed cecekan and cleanly defined lines, it
is of an unknown wood and displays a complex chatoyant grain, it has a burnished finish. A
silvered mendak of parijoto form is fitted.

This keris is an excellent example of the classic Surakarta keris, and in very good classical dress.

Blade length  14.7" (372mm.)           overall length  19.9" (505mm.)