Keris 19   A Javanese keris bearing well executed pamor dadung montir wengkon,
executed in high contrast material, dhapur is Brojol. The talismanic value of pamor dadung
montir is that it is believed to re-enforce authority, bravery and resolution, the talismanic
value of the wengkon is that it is protective. In combination the double motif could be read
that it is protective of the character of the bearer.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is sculpted from trembalu Jawa showing good
chatoyancy, and is fitted with a hand engraved pendok displaying the sekar meniran motif.
This is an engraved motif, not an embossed one, the technique used to apply this motif is
the same as is used in high quality firearms engraving, it is a much more time consuming
process than embossing and requires far greater skill.

The tastefully modelled Imam Bonjol jejeran  is of kayu sawo and an old gilt parijoto
mendak is fitted.

This is a robust keris with skilfully managed pamor and in very good quality dress.

Blade length   14.5" (368mm.)                  overall    20" (517mm.)