Keris 16   A Javanese keris of five waves and dhapur kebo dengen, pamor is wos wutah
executed in high contrast material. This dhapur is very seldom encountered. Garap is
precise and perfect, artistic interpretation of the form is unusual in that the waves are
placed as campur bawur, that is to say, towards the point, rather than evenly distributed
throughout the length of the blade. This is a blade of very fine quality and exceptionally
rare form.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko has been expertly crafted from kayu sawo with a mildly
chatoyant grain, and it is fitted with a pendok of fine quality that has been engraved with
the buah sirsat  motif. This is an engraved motif, not an embossed one, the method used
to apply this motif is the same as is used in high quality firearms engraving, it is a much
more time consuming process than embossing and requires far greater skill.

The Surakarta maraseba jejeran is an older hilt of very good quality and it is fitted with
an old kendit mendak set with intan.

This is a rare keris of larger than usual size for a Javanese keris, and of very good quality.

Blade length   14.5" (367mm)     overall length   21" (532mm)