Keris 15  A Javanese keris wulung of seven waves and dhapur putri duyung. The putri
duyung motif is a comparatively recent one, and is understood by some Javanese keris
literate people as a representation of Nyi Loro Kidul, the Queen of the Southern Seas,
who has a mystical relationship with both the Susuhunan of Surakarta and the Sultan
of Jogjakarta. As is usual with keris wulung, the sculpting of the blade and its motif is

The Jogjakarta gayaman wrongko is from brilliantly chatoyant kayu akasia and is fitted
with a superb pendok that has been deeply embossed with a semen motif.

The Javanese tunggak semi has been neatly sculpted from chatoyant kayu kemuning ,
and a mendak kendit set with brilliants is fitted.

This is a particularly beautiful example of the Jogjakarta keris.

Blade length   14.6" (367mm)     overall length   19.9" (555mm)