Keris 14  A Javanese keris of five waves bearing pamor pandan iris executed in
high contrast material, dhapur is hanoman pudak setegal. Garap is of fine quality
and the pamor has been very cleanly executed in high contrast material.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko has been carefully crafted from highly
chatoyant kayu trembalu Jawa, it has a burnished finish and is fitted with a
pendok engraved with an alas-alasan merak motif  depicting animals of the forest
amongst foliage. This is an engraved motif, not an embossed one, the technique
used to apply this motif is the same as is used in high quality firearms engraving,
it is a much more time consuming process than embossing and requires far
greater skill.

The Surakarta yudowinatan jejeran has been superbly sculpted from tayuman
baru and is fitted with a kendit mendak set with brilliants.

Blade length   14.75" (368mm)     overall length 20.25" (514mm)