Keris 12   A Javanese keris with a wulung blade of seven waves and bearing an
elegantly sculpted naga at the gandhik,accompanied by a deer, the symbol of
Majapahit, at the bungkul. The wulung blade, that is, a blade without pamor, is
usually chosen by a pande or empu when he wishes to display his skill in carving,
and as is the case with this keris, the garap in a wulung blade is normally of far
higher quality and finesse than is usual in a blade that bears pamor.

The Javanese gayaman ladrang wrongko is from kayu pelet with an mbelang sapi
motif, and a pendok embossed with a naga is fitted.

The jejeran is the wadon form, a stylised female figure, which can be understood
as representative of Dewi Sri, and an old silver parijoto mendak is fitted.

Blade length   15" (380mm)     overall length   20" (517mm)