Keris 1   An old Jogjakarta keris, dhapur is tilam upih, pamor is untu walang, untu
walang is a select and highly regarded pamor that has the talismanic value of
enhancing leadership qualities and trust in the bearer, it is regarded as a pamor that
is very suited to a leader or teacher. The classification can be given as late Mataram,
Hamengkubuwanaan. The extent of sepuhan is clear.

The Jogjakarta branggah wrongko is original to the blade, it is from kayu trembalu
with a highly chatoyant grain, state of preservation is perfect, it is completely without
damage, something very rare in an old ladrangan wrongko. The silver pendok is
gilded and is embossed with a semen motif with a kala mask at its top, this pendok
shows the normal evidence of wear.

The old and finely carved jejeran is of highly chatoyant kayu kemuning, and is fitted
with a silver mendak kendit set with red & white stones, I am uncertain if these
stones are intan & mirah, or yakut & kecabung, but they are natural stones.

I acquired this keris in Jogjakarta in 1978 and it has been a part of my personal
collection since that time. It is an extremely fine example of the classic Jogjakarta
formal keris.

Blade length   13.5" (342mm)     overall length   19" (482mm)