Item 109                         A Balinese Piso Cilik

Another general purpose Balinese knife, "piso cilik" or "small knife".

This little knife is the one that is found in numbers in every household, it is used for
just about everything, from preparation of the daily household offerings, to use in the
kitchen, to detail carpentry work. Usually kept razor sharp this is the knife that
everybody grabs first when they need a sharp pointy thing.

During the 1970's in East Jawa these knives were very popular with thugs, because
they were easily concealed and easily thrown into the river after use.

Again, this is a knife that has been hand-made by a hereditary Balinese smith of the
Pande Clan, properly hardened and with its scabbard.

The wood used is kayu glugu.

Blade length   3.9" (98mm.)              overall   8.1" (205mm.)                          
Item 109
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