Item 107    A Balinese Perupak and Temutik

This is a pair of current production Balinese knives of the type that are carried by Balinese
men when attending to banjar obligations and community ceremonies. The large knife is a
perupak, and it performs similar functions to a golok, the smaller knife is a temutik and it
is used for detail work.

These knives have been made individually by a member of the Pande Clan, the hereditary
smiths of Bali, they have been properly made and properly hardened and tempered for use,
not just for ornamentation. These are serious knives.

The perupak offered here is of better than usual quality, the temutik is purely a working
knife, and in use (I have been told) will be replaced a number of times during the life of
the perupak.

They come with their hand made leather sheath.

Perupak:-  blade length   8.25" (210mm.)

Temutik:-  blade length   4.25" (108mm.)

Both in the scabbard:-  overall length   16.5" (420mm.)                                       
Item 107
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