Item 106              An Enforcer

This item probably does not belong in this catalogue:- it is not a sharp pointy
thing. It is a donger, a truncheon. I bought it from a neighbour in Solo, it had
belonged to her grandfather, or maybe great grandfather, who was a
Dutchman, her grandmother was Javanese. This Dutchman was an overseer
for a Dutch company in South Africa, his employer moved him to Java, and he
worked there as an overseer. It seems he used this truncheon to encourage
lazy workers.

The pictures tell the story. It is quite heavy and obviously loaded with lead.

There is an interesting story attached to the shaft that I am not prepared to put
in a publicly available catalogue, but I will pass the story along by email to
anybody who is interested.

Overall length  12" (305mm.)                                                                   
Item 106
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