Item 104                 A Javanese kudi

The kudi is similar to the kujang, both in form and in the way that it was previously a
weapon a long time ago, but with the passage of time became a talismanic weapon
with generally protective powers, but not considered as being aligned with only the
needs of a farmer.

The kudi is mostly found in Java and Madura, especially in those areas of Central
Java that border on Sunda.

The kudi offered here has a good pamor sanak blade, obviously old, but unable to be
dated, it has a scabbard and hilt that have been carved with motifs that are found
along the North Coast of Java, especially in the area around Pekalongan.

Again from my collection, but I do not know with certainty when and where I
acquired it. Very probably Java, that's about as good as I can do.

Blade length  6.6" (165mm.)     overall length  11.25" (285mm.)                      
Item 104
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