Item 103                  A  Javanese kujang

The kujang is a weapon from the Parahiyangan region of Sunda, West Java. Originally,
1000 years ago, they were large weapons, probably derived from agricultural tools, but
by the 16th century their function had become largely talismanic.

The talismanic function of the kujang is tied to the necessities of a farmer, for example,
protection against pests, provision of rain when necessary, prevention of rain when it is
not required. The kujang is believed to protect the farmer and his activities.

The kujang offered here is believed to date from prior to the end of the 16th century,
The hilt and scabbard are from timoho wood.

I bought this kujang in an antique shop in Jln. Jend. Urip Sumoharjo, Solo, in 1974, the
name of the shop was Toko Singo = Lion Shop.

Blade length  8.5" (215mm.)     overall length 14.4" (365mm.)                                
Item 103
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