Item 101                        A Dyak mandau.

Using Sellato as a reference I am inclined to classify this mandau as of Busang origin.

The typical blade is inlaid with copper and white metal dots, the blade has the usual
chisel grind and slightly concave opposite side. The hilt is tight to the blade and is
beautifully carved and patinated. The damar that holds the blade to the hilt is firm
and uncracked.

The scabbard is in good, tight condition and with the expected carvings and rotan

My knowledge of mandaus is slight, so I cannot provide an accurate full description
of this one. It is, old, good quality, tight, the blade and hilt are better than the
scabbard. Acquired locally, the previous owner purchased it in Pontianak in the

Blade length  19" (482mm.)     overall length  25.5" (647mm.)                         
Item 101
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