Keris 9
Keris 9   An old Javanese keris of dhapur Kala Munyeng, or Tilam Sari; in the Solo
of the 1980's it was universally given as Tilam Sari, but the Surakarta Pakem gives it
as Kala Munyeng, my inclination is to accept Tilam Sari as correct. Pamor is Banyu
Tetes, tangguh is Mataram. There is residual kinatah on the top of the gonjo.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is from Kayu Nagasari, it is original to the blade
but was renovated after I purchased it, the gandar needed to be replaced, the mouth
of the gambar was slack from wear and was relined with a technique known as
"numbeng wayang" where an inlay of (usually) contrasting wood is used to provide
a close fit.

The hand engraved pendok is original to the wrongko and is heavily worn at the tip,
this wear pattern is normal for a keris that has been worn at court by an abdi dalem,
the reason being that members of the court are required to sit on the floor for very
extended periods of time, and the tip of the pendok wears from rubbing on the floor.
I have chosen not to replace this pendok as its condition bears evidence of previous
ownership and use, in any case the wear is not noticeable when looking at the
pendok in a wear or display position, it can only be seen when the wrongko is
turned upside down and the tip is seen directly.

The Surakarta cantheng jejeran (hilt) is old and original to the keris, I do not know
with certainty what the material is, the gilt kendit mendak is original to the keris
and is set with natural stones that appear to be Kalimantan diamonds and low
quality rubies (mirah). My opinion of these stones has not been confirmed by a
qualified gemmologist, but under magnification the facets of the stones do not bear
any evidence of bruising, and the brilliance is within the range of diamond
brilliance, not rock crystal (yakut) brilliance.

This keris was purchased in about 1987 from a friend of my mentor, Empu
Suparman. The man from whom it was acquired was a high ranking abdi dalem in
the Karaton Surakarta, and he had used it as one of his personal keris for many
years. It has been a part of my personal collection from the time of its purchase.

Blade length  13.5" (342mm.)     overall length 20" (508mm.)                      
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