Keris 8
Keris 8     An old Madura keris of 9 waves, and bearing pamor Pendul, a pamor motif
that is considered to assist in financial matters, classification is Madura Sepuh.  The
baja (iron) is dense and black and very smooth, and the blumbangan is boto adeg,
characteristics that we normally associate with a Mojopahit keris, this is not to say
that this keris might be concurrent with Mojopahit, but it is an old keris, probably
pre-dating the mid-19th century.  

The Madura gayaman wrongko is old and original to the blade, the pendok is silver
with embossed panels, by "silver", I mean true silver, close to sterling. The pendok
bears evidence of age but has no holes or tears.

The hilt is the Temenggungan form that was originally associated with the rank of
Bupati, but in later days was permitted for wear by people of lesser rank, the mendak
is true silver.

This keris has been a part of my personal collection since the mid-1970's, it was
purchased in Malang, East Jawa. The hilt has been removed and refitted with wool, the
gandar shrinkage has been tightened with a cloth wrapping, apart from these two
things this keris is 100% original in all respects.

Blade length  14.75" (374mm.)     overall length  19.1" (485mm.)                     
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