Keris 7
Keris 7   A Balinese keris with a straight blade and bearing pamor Wos Wutah
executed in the high contrast material that is associated with Balinese keris. This is a
blade with some age, probably second half, 19th century, it was heavily corroded when
purchased and I had it cleaned and stained in Indonesia. The surface presents as the
usual Balinese polished surface but with minor pitting consistent with age. All ricikan
(features) of the blade are neatly carved and the pamor shows good balance on each
blade face.

The South Bali batun poh wrongko has a gambar (top cross section) of kayu arang, a
type of black ebony, and the gandar (long lower section) with a veneered face. The
wrongko is original to, but younger than, the blade.  

The totogan hilt is a miniature sculpture in kayu arang of Ganesha, the Disturber of
Disturbances, he brings prosperity, good fortune and success; he is the Lord of
Beginnings and the Remover of obstacles. Those who follow the Hindu faith open the
prayers to other deities with a prayer to Ganesha and sometimes close their prayers in
the same way. An uwer set with coloured stones or simulants is fitted.

A good quality older blade in more recent dress, this is an extremely attractive keris.

Blade length  15.9" (405mm.)     overall length  26.25" (665mm.)                    
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