Keris 6
Keris 6  A Balinese keris with an 11 wave blade and bearing pamor Wos Wutah    
perfectly executed in the high contrast material that is typical of  Balinese blades. The
gonjo is kelap lintah, kruwingan and sogokan are neatly and deeply sculpted. At the
gandhik a goose, or perhaps a swan, has been sculpted, the goose or swan is the vahana
or vehicle of Brahma, the Creator.

The South Bali batun poh wrongko is neatly carved from kayu pelet bearing a high
contrast example of the dewandaru pelet motif.

The togogan danganan (hilt)  is a sculpture of a royal figure. The material used in this
hilt is kayu arang (ireng, or black) a type of black ebony. A silver uwer set with what
appear to be natural red and blue stones is fitted.

This is large Balinese keris with a  good quality blade iconic of Brahma and in
outstanding dress.

Blade length    16.5" (420mm.)              overall   25.5" (648mm.)                           
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