Keris 5
Keris 5   A Javanese keris of the rarely seen dhapur Sardulo Mangsah, pamor is tightly
folded Wos Wutah in Pedaringan Kebak style. This keris has been meticulously
crafted, to the point where it has become a masterwork of sculpting.

The elegant Surakarta gayaman wrongko has been carefully carved from an unknown
wood with a distinct striated grain, and it is fitted with a pendok embossed with a
geometric interpretation of a Javanese blossom motif.

The Surakarta Cantheng jejeran (hilt) is neatly carved from kayu sono and is fitted
with a gilt parijoto mendak.

This is an extremely rare form of keris in very good quality Surakarta non-formal dress.

Blade length  14.1" (358mm.)     overall length  20.5" (520mm.)                        
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