Keris 4
Keris 4   This is an East Javanese keris with a 13 wave blade, pamor is Wos Wutah, and
it is probably classifiable as Blambangan. The quality of the garap is very high, the pamor
is Wos Wutah with two inclusions of Pamor Akodiyat, or, if we use East Jawa
terminology, Pamor Deling, dhapur is Johan Mangan Kalak

The wrongko is a Jawa Timur Sandang Walikat, that has been superbly sculpted from a
brilliant piece of kayu jati gembol.

The jejeran (hilt) is a Jawa Timor kagok form with perfectly balanced cecekan and is
fitted with a gilt parijoto mendak.

The Kingdom of Blambangan was conquered by Sultan Agung in 1640, but both before
and after this it was heavily influenced by Balinese culture, with Balinese people living in
Banyuwangi, the Easternmost town of Java, and Javanese people living in Gilimanuk, the
westernmost town of Bali, with only a narrow strait between Bali and Java.

This is a very large Javanese keris of impeccable quality which shows clear Balinese

Blade length   18.1" (460mm.)      overall  24.25" (610mm.)                                  
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