Keris 30   A Balinese keris patrem. This is a small keris for a child, the blade is
not a typical keris blade, but it is a forged blade, it has been hardened and
tempered, and being a Balinese blade, that means that it has been made by a
member of the Pande Caste, it lacks pamor and its form is only reminiscent of a

The wrongko is the jamprahan form, with an elegantly carved gambar of kayu sawo
and the gandar veneered with turtle shell,

The totogan hilt is a finely detailed carving of Bayu, God of the winds.

This is a very attractive miniature keris, I bought it at auction in Sydney in the
early 1950's, at the time I had no idea what it was, I did not find out what it was
intended for until I started to visit Bali during the 1970's, when I saw several very
young children dressed in their best clothes and with similar miniature keris.

Blade length 6.25" (158mm.)     overall length 12" (305mm.)                         
Keris 30
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