Keris 3
Keris 3  A Javanese keris with a straight blade classifiable as Surakarta. All features are
perfect Surakarta form and the garap is of extremely high quality. Pamor is surface
manipulated Wos Wutah with Pedaringan Kebak coverage, and the pamor  is the typical
nickel-rich material that we expect to see in a textbook example of a Surakarta keris.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is sculpted from kayu garu with distinctive nginden
grain, it has an imperceptible depression in the ri cangkring (frontal central ridge), and it
is fitted with an exceptionally fine copper pendok templek bearing a motif of blossoms
and vines.

The hilt (jejeran) is the Surakarta Pakubuwanaan style, it is sculpted from kayu jati
gembol (burl teak), the cecekan are perfectly balanced and a gold plated parijoto mendak
is fitted.

This is a very fine example of the non-formal style of Surakarta keris.

Blade length   14.6" (370mm.)     overall length   20.25"  (514mm.)                  
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