Keris 29  I am unable to provide much information about this keris. It is a Keris
Sajen, a keris used in offerings, it is also a Keris Pijat, a keris that has finger print
indentations in the blade. It is a very scarce type, having a small thin hilt with the
symbolic face turned to the gandik. Many Javanese people believe that a Keris
Pijat was not forged with a hammer, but was forged with finger pressure. This is
something that is very difficult to accept. What can be accepted is that this type of
keris is both old and rare.

In Colonial times it was noted that Javanese people often carried keris like this for
talismanic reasons, and from the talismanic perspective it is a very strongly
protective form of keris and with links to ancestor worship.

The wrongko is sandang walikat style, made from Javanese sandalwood

A very rare type of keris, talismanically powerful and credited with generally
protective qualities.

Blade length 7" (178mm.)     overall length 11" (280mm.)                             
Keris 29
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