Keris 26    A Javanese keris patrem. The keris itself  is a very old gonjo iras Tilam
Upih, it is residual, time has eaten part of the wadidang and the buntut urang. Pamor
is Sanak.

The wrongko is Wulan Tumanggal form, the gandar is red kemalo, indicating that the
original lady custodian was of royal descent or royal by marriage. It is my opinion that
this blade is original to the wrongko, but the wrongko mouth is very worn, and the
erosion of the blade does not permit a good tight fit.

The hilt is an old, finely carved figural demonic form that is customarily interpreted as
a Raksasa. An angkup randu mendak is fitted.

This is an old, fully original keris patrem with royal attribution, the blade is of less
than wonderful quality, but it does appear to be original to the wrongko which is very
old, and the hilt is old and fine. This keris was purchased in Jogjakarta in the 1980's
and has been a part of my collection since then.

It is important to note this:- this wrongko form has not been made in Java for a very
long time, according to Harsrinuksmo (Ensiklopedi Keris) it has not been made since
the end of the Kartosuro era (1680-1745), my personal belief is that it has not been
used in Karaton dress --- the only place where it can be used --- since the end of the
reign of Pakubuwana II in 1749. That makes this wrongko at least a mid-18th century
item, the keris itself will be older than this by a considerable number of years.

Blade length  8.7" (220mm.)     overall length  12.75" (323mm.)                              
Keris 26
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