Keris 25  An old Javanese keris of 11 waves. This is a keris for a boy or a very small
man, time has taken most of its pamor, there is only residual pamor in a couple of
places, however, it is still a very desirable keris because the indicators tell us that it is
classifiable as Pajang, one of the most highly desired of all keris, probably second only
to Majapahit. This desirability is driven by rarity, as the Pajang era lasted for only a very
short time, and there are very few Pajang keris. The specific indicators that tell us this
keris is Pajang are the ada-ada that is very distinct and runs all the way to the point, the
deep, round bottomed blumbangan, the beautifully sculpted sogokan, and the form of
the luk.

The Surakarta gayaman ladrang wrongko is trembalu with a good nginden grain, a
mamas blewah pendok with engraved modang motif is fitted, the slorok is turtle shell.
The wrongko is original to the blade.

The jejeran is Surakarta Rajamala style and is perfectly scaled to the keris, an angkup
randu mendak is fitted.

This keris is a small gem. It is all old, all original, the blade although in less than
pristine condition is of a very highly desired classification. This keris was acquired in
Solo in the late 1970's and has been a part of my core collection since that time. If my
classification of this keris is correct, and I am following the guidelines of Empu
Suparman in my determination of classification, this keris dates from the 16th century,
the dress has indications that place it probably in the second half of the 19th century,
certainly pre-WWII.

Blade length  12.75" (323mm.)     overall length  17" (432mm.)                          
Keris 25
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