Keris 24
Keris 24   A Javanese keris of dhapur brojol and bearing pamor Lar Gangsir, exposure
of the slorok (core) is good, and the pamor has been managed to perfection. Pamor Lar
Gangsir is believed to offer protection against black magic (guna-guna) and the
unwelcome attentions of ghosts and other spirits.

The Surakarta gayaman blewah wrongko has been skilfully crafted from kayu nagasari
with a pelet grain, and is fitted with a green kemalo pendok suited to wear by a Mantri,
a middle rank in the Karaton hierarchy. This keris has been worn and there are a
couple of tiny chips to the kemalo work.

The Surakarta Pakubuwanaan jejeran is neatly and competently carved and is fitted
with a green kemalo mendak.

This keris is a good example of the style of non-formal keris worn by an abdi dalem of
the Mantri rank in the Surakarta Karaton.

Blade length  15.1" (382mm.)     overall length  20.75" (526mm.)                        
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