Keris 23  An old Javanese keris of dhapur Pulang Geni and bearing pamor Adeg
Wengkon, classification is Mataram. Keris with this pamor motif have a generally
protective talismanic value, and were traditionally given by a ruler to a newly
appointed bupati as a symbol of the bupati's obligation to protect the people for
whom he was responsible, in this application, the people were represented by the
line of adeg pamor, and the bupati was represented by the wengkon.

The Surakarta ladrangan wrongko is the kesatriyan style, it is original to the blade,
a pendok with the hand embossed motif of peksi lung-lungan is fitted. There is a
miniscule chip to the edge at the base of the angkup, this is clearly visible in the

The Surakarta Pakubuwanaan jejeran  is neatly carved with well balanced cecekan,
a lung wideng mendak is fitted.

This keris was acquired from an Indonesian collector who migrated to Australia in
the 1990's.

Blade length  13.75" (348mm.)     overall length  19.75" (502mm.)              
Keris 23
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