Keris 22  An old Javanese keris of 13 waves, dhapur is Sepang, pamor is Wos Wutah. I am
reluctant to give a classification for this keris as it presents inconsistent indicators. My
best guess is that it comes from a smaller population centre, a town, not a village, between
Surakarta and East Jawa, possibly Madiun, but the indicators do not agree well with
Madiun classification.

The Surakarta ladrangan wrongko is a terusan or iras form, carved from a single piece of
wood, this wood has a cross banding of convoluted grain, the wrongko style is kesatriyan.
A mamas blewah pendok is fitted. This wrongko a very good one and is original to the

The Surakarta Pakubuwanaan jejeran is neatly and competently carved with well balanced
cecekan, a silvered lung wideng mendak is fitted.

This keris appears to be original with the exception of the mendak, which is later (probably
1960's) than the rest of the ensemble, the keris I estimate at second half, 19th century, the
wrongko and jejeran from the same period. This keris was acquired from a Javanese
collector who migrated to Australia in the 1990's.

Blade length  13.75" (348mm.)     overall length  18" (457mm.)                             
Keris 22
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