Keris 21  A Javanese keris with a Bugis blade of 9 waves, pamor is Wos Wutah.
When we find a Bugis, or Bali, or Madura Sepuh blade fitted to a Javanese wrongko,
this is normally regarded as having been a keris that belonged to a mercenary from
one of these other societies. The Javanese courts employed mercenaries from Bugis,
Bali, Madura societies as guards, and as soldiers from early times right through into
the early 20th century. An alternative explanation is that the keris belonged to
somebody who had moved from his original society for family reasons, or reasons of
employment, and had taken up residence in a Javanese society under the influence of
a kraton, and in order to comply with the dress rules of his new society he had needed
to re-dress his keris in accordance with the rules of his new home.

The wrongko is Jogjakarta gayaman from kayu timoho with selempang grain motif, it
is fitted with a hand embossed pendok bearing the semen merak motif.

The old Jogjakarta tunggak semi jejeran is well carved with nicely balanced cecekan,
this jejeran has the expected evidence of age. A gilt kendit mendak set with rose cut
rock crystal (yakut) is fitted.

An old keris that bears evidence to the cross cultural shift of keris that occurs in the
Indonesian Archipelago. I acquired this keris during the 1980's, it was my intention
when I bought it to resell, but somehow or another, this is the first time I have offered
it for sale.

Blade length  13.75" (348mm.)     overall length 19.5" (495mm.)                       
Keris 21
Keris for Sale
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