Keris 20  An old Javanese keris of Tuban-Pajajaran classification and bearing pamor
Adeg Sapu. This is a very old blade, in my opinion pre-dating 1800, but it is unlikely
that it can be accepted as originating during the Pajajaran era which ended in 1579.
Many people accept a blade classification (tangguh) as being indicative of the blade
having originated during the era that has given the classification its name, in reality
this can only be accepted as true for a limited number of classifications. The pamor is
well executed and overall condition of the blade is very good for its age.

The wrongko is an old terusan, or gayaman iras, it is original to the blade, and it is
fitted with its original mamas blewah pendok. A terusan pendok has only ever been
able to be made by an extremely skilled m'ranggi who is at the top of his game.

The Surakarta yudowinatan jejeran has well balanced cecekan and is fitted with a
parijoto mendak.

This keris was acquired in Solo during the 1970's, it all original, and has been a part of
my collection since the time of purchase.

Blade length  13" (330mm.)     overall length (19.75" (502mm.)                    
Keris 20
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