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Keris 2
Tosanaji Keris List 74
Keris 2  A Bugis keris with a straight blade, pamor is Tebba Bunga, with a Batu Lapak in the
sorsoran. The pamor of this keris is a complex pamor miring, that is, a pamor that has been
created by repeated manipulation in the forge, resulting in a twisted pamor grain that stands
at right angles to the blade core; the central line of pamor separates the two sides  of the
manipulated pamor miring, and the Batu Lapak is itself an inset of pamor miring. The blade
core has a well exposed cutting edge, the blade cross section is the typical hexagonal of a
South Sulawesi keris, and the extent of sepuhan can be clearly seen. This is a very robust
keris of exceptional quality.

The wrongko is of brown kayu kemuning (kayu salebara) showing a strongly chatoyant
sunburst grain, the buntut is of brown wood  and there is overall fine patina

The hilt is attributable to South Sulawesi, it is of dark kayu selebara with a highly chatoyant
grain, and it is fitted with an incised pendongkok.

I know very little about Bugis style keris, so I sought the assistance of a well respected
member of the Malaysian keris community in writing this description. This is considered to
be a Bugis keris that is wholly attributable to South Sulawesi.

This keris was purchased in Batavia (now Jakarta) in about 1920, and it has been in my
possession since 1953. It is about as genuine and original as it is possible to get. I removed
the hilt to clean the blade, probably some time during the 1960's, the blade was not stained
at the time I cleaned it, so I did not stain with warangan when the cleaning was completed.
There is an overall good, genuine patina to this keris.

Blade length   13.25" (337mm.)                    overall   17.25" (437mm.)