Keris 19  A Javanese keris of 13 waves, bearing Pamor Wos Wutah, this keris has a
puthut at the gandhik and in the wadidang, making it a Keris Puthut Kembar, it is
probably an East Javanese wilah. In East Java the Keris Puthut is usually called a
Keris Umyang, not because people believe it was made by Empu Umyang, but
because the first keris of this pattern was attributed to Empu Umyang. The keris
offered here is of very good garap, the puthut carvings have been carefully done, with
attention to detail, the four kruwingan are deep and rounded, the ada-ada is
prominent and distinct, both sogokan follow the blade curve and are neatly cut, the
top of the gonjo is bekas kinatah, that is, it is carved with a kinatah motif, but the
gold was either never applied, or it has been lost.

The wrongko is of kayu timoho with an mbelang sapi grain motif, a pendok with
hand embossed floral motif is fitted. This wrongko has good patina and appears to be
original to the blade, however, the mouth is worn and it has never been given the
inlay that is usual for a worn wrongko mouth; it bears the expected evidence of age.

The old cantheng jejeran is competently carved and is fitted with a gold plated
mendak set with brilliants.

This keris is probably of East Javanese origin, the gayaman wrongko is a Surakarta
form, but it does not appear to be of Surakarta workmanship, the same is true of the
cantheng jejeran. Surakarta keris dress has tended to dominant national keris dress
from about the time of WWII. This keris was bought from an Indonesian collector
who migrated to Australia in the 1990's.

Blade length  15.5" (392mm.)     overall length  20" (508mm.)                   
Keris 19
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