Keris 18   An old Javanese keris, classification is Mataram, pamor motif is Adeg
Wengkon, dhapur is Tilam Sari --- or Kolo Munyeng, if we follow the Surakarta
pakem. Keris with this pamor motif have a generally protective talismanic value,
and were traditionally given by a ruler to a newly appointed bupati as a symbol of
the bupati's obligation to protect the people for whom he was responsible, in this
application, the people were represented by the line of adeg pamor, and the bupati
was represented by the wengkon.

The Surakarta kadipaten ladrangan wrongko is original to the blade and was made
as a terusan, or iras style, but this is a very old wrongko, probably 19th century, the
tip has worn, necessitating replacement of the bottom half of the gandar and the
use  of a pendok. The pendok is hand embossed with a lung-lungan motif to both
front and rear.

The salembaran jejeran has deep, well balanced cecekan and is fitted with an old
green kemalo untu walang mendak.

Acquired in Jakarta in 1974, and has been a part of my collection since that time.

Blade length  14.3" (364mm.)     overall length  19.75" (552mm.)                 
Keris 18
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