Keris 17   A Madura keris of dhapur is Sinom Robyong, and bearing the extremely
scarce pamor motif of Korowelang Catur.

The old Madura ladrangan wrongko is from kayu kemuning with a highly
chatoyant nginden grain, it is fitted with a mamas topengan pendok that bears a
carnelian set as a flower, and the slorok is gold plated.

The old hardwood hilt is of the Donoriko style and is carved with a motif of vines
and blossoms, it is fitted with an angkup randu mendak.

This keris was acquired in Malang, East Jawa during the 1980's and has been a
part of my collection since that time.

Blade length  13.75" (349mm.)     overall length  20" (518mm.)                
Keris 17
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