Keris 16
Keris 16  A Balinese keris with a 5 wave blade and bearing pamor Wos Wutah that
has been executed in the typical Balinese high contrast material, several areas of
Pamor Akodiyat are present. The garap (workmanship)  is of a very high quality, and
the gonjo is wulung.

The wrongko is the South Bali batun poh style and has been neatly carved from
kayu pelet bearing a tulak sampir grain motif, the gandar is also kayu pelet with
udan riris grain motif.

The bebondolan danganan (hilt) is from kayu pelet, I cannot name the grain motif,
the uwer is of copper and is set with brilliants.

I have had this keris for many years and while I have had it, it has never had an
uwer fitted, the uwer is not original, I fitted it for inclusion in this listing.

A very good example of a Balinese "everyman's" keris, this keris, or using the
Balinese word for keris, this kadutan, is good, solid quality but of a presentation
that is fitting for a person who wishes, or needs, to fit into a middle or lower social

Blade length  17" (432mm.)     overall length  25" (634mm.)                        
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