Keris 15     A Javanese keris with a blade of Dhapur Pasopati, bearing pamor Tri
Warna, that is, a pamor motif that is composed of three separate motifs, in this case
The middle pamor is Pandan Iris, the pamor in the sorsoran is Klabang Sewu, the
pamor at the point is Ujung Gunung. From a talismanic point of view Pandan Iris is
considered to bring luck in business & career, and harmony in relationships. Ujung
Gunung is considered to assist in advancement of position and in achieving goals.
Kelabang Sewu is believed  to raise social status, assist in forming friendships, and
re-enforce authority. Some people believe it also provides a defence against black
magic. Stylistically this is a Surakarta keris, the garap is exquisite, the pamor has
been managed to perfection. This is a masterpiece of the art of the empu.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is from an unknown wood with a highly chatoyant
nginden grain, it is fitted with a hand embossed pendok bearing a modang motif.

The putri kinurung jejeran is of kayu nagasari and is fitted with a gold plated
parijoto mendak.

This is an absolutely superb Surakarta blade in a good quality non-formal Surakarta
wrongko and with a scarce putri kinurung hilt.

Blade length  14.1" (358mm.)     overall length  20.5" (520mm.)                      
Keris 15
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