Keris 14   An old Javanese keris of Sinom Robyong dhapur, pamor is Wos Wutah,
and it is probably classifiable as Koripan. Pawakan is slim and elegant, the garap is
neat , well balanced and competent, the pamor cover is consistent and the state of
preservation is excellent.

The Jogjakarta gayaman wrongko is of kayu timoho with mbelang sapi grain motif,
the pendok is silver, that is, true silver, not silver plated and it has a hand
embossed semen motif. This wrongko is original to the blade.

The black Jogjakarta tunggak semi jejeran has balanced cecekan and is fitted with
a copper lung wideng mendak.

This keris was purchased from the collection of a Javanese gentleman who
migrated to Australia in the 1990's, and I have had it since that time.

Blade length  14.6" (368mm.)     overall length  19" (482mm.)                  
Keris 14
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