Keris 12   An East Javanese keris with a 13 wave blade, the pamor motif is Ron Sirih
and has been made as a nginden, or reflective pamor. Ron Sirih pamor has the
talismanic attribute of assisting in financial matters.The garap is neat and competent,
the edge exposure and pamor cover are good.  

The Gayaman wrongko is nicely sculpted from kayu jati gembol (burl teak), and has
been left without a pendok in order to display the full beauty of the grain.

The jejeran (hilt) is the symbolic female form that is known as Wadon (woman). Some
writers have attempted to place all sorts of exotic interpretations onto this hilt form,
the most popular is probably Durga, but in Java itself this hilt form is only ever
referred to as "woman", and the iconography is linked to fertility, which is totally
understandable when we consider that traditional Javanese society is based in
agriculture. A gilt mendak set with brilliants is fitted.

This is a large and well made keris with a scarce and attractive pamor,the wrongko and
jejeran are of a seldom seen style.

Blade length  16.2" (412mm.)     overall length  21.25" (540mm.)                       
Keris 12
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