Keris 11
Keris 11   An old Balinese keris with a straight blade bearing the mlumah pamor motif
of Ilining Warih (Flowing Water). The pamor material is the usual Balinese high
contrast material, the garap is impeccable. This blade can definitely be dated to before
1900, probably not before 1800, but at least 19th century with certainty.

The old wrongko is original to the blade , it is carved from kayu pelet bearing the tompel
polos pelet motif, the gandar (Balinese: penyejer) is also from kayu pelet and bearing
the pelet motif mayung, the back of the gandar is covered with black lacquer.

The bebondolan danganan (hilt) is original to the keris, it is a dark kayu pelet , but I am
uncertain of the pelet motif, there is very slight checking to the back facet of the hilt.
The uwer is set with purple simulants and is not original to the keris.   

I sold this keris to an Australian collector more than 30 years ago, and he recently
traded it back to me as part payment for another keris, I am reselling this keris at very
close to the value that I allowed in the trade, which is a very low price for a keris of this
type. This is an opportunity for somebody who wishes to buy an old, good, Balinese
keris at a price that is 30 years out of date.

Blade length  18.3" (465mm.)     overall length  24.75" (628mm.)                       
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