Keris 10
Keris 10   A Balinese keris with a 7 wave blade bearing pamor Wos Wutah executed in the high
contrast material associated with Balinese keris. The garap (workmanship) has been flawlessly
executed, resulting in a textbook example of the typical Balinese keris.

The kekandikan wrongko is original to the blade and is neatly carved from dark kayu pelet bearing
the sampir motif.

The bebondolan danganan (hilt) is of kayu areng, a type of ebony, and is the scarce "pagi-sore"
("morning & evening") style, with the black core wood on one face of the hilt, and the lighter
sapwood on the other face. An old uwer set with pastes is fitted.

I acquired this keris as part of a deal with a local collector, it had been in his possession for at least
30 years to my certain knowledge. It is a good quality Balinese keris typical of its type.

Blade length   16.5" (418mm.)          overall length   26.6" (675mm.)                                    
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